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Trance Dance Five Rythms Gabrielle Rooth Frank Natale Wäxa
Wäxa MediMoves

Wäxa MediMoves moves you into being

Wäxa MediMoves is a Scandinavian health tool that has worked with inner movement meditation journeys since 1997. It helps participants find a simple way to discover symbolic pictures and inner landscapes and to turn ideas, visions and dreams into movement.

It is a strong and intensive method that increases participants awareness of their body, their movements, their imagination and their thoughts. The essence of this meditation is based on inner pictures and visions. The practice also includes gaining awareness of different rhythms, structures and emotions through body movement.

Wäxa MediMoves is an up and coming modern technique, a way of training, both physically and mentally, combining the best methods of modern dance and physical theatre with various health tools.
This then finds it’s expression as an inner picture movement meditation.
Focus is on examining the structures, rhythms, fragrances, movements, energies, vibrations and colours of your inner and outer pictures.
It is a technique that helps you become aware of your body and helps you reach your goal.
Wäxa is a road to self-confidence, and its underlying strategy is: From stillness to the heat of trance, and back again.

Andréa Larsdotter has worked as an actress, dramatist, dancer and educator since 1986. She is also the holder of a diploma in massage and is a practising visual colour healer. Wäxa is her own technique.

WÄXA MediMoves

Prevent inner stress - Create harmony !

Breathing and movement techniques, together with dance and drama are basic to the program. Some Wäxa exercises include writing, painting and voice exercises, and some of them offer adaptations of, for example, yoga, free dance (physical expression) theatre, qi gong, goal training and meditation techniques.

The point of departure is movement. By performing and exploring various forms of movement and emotion we become more conscious of ourselves, of our own inner impulses, as well as of influences emanating from the world around us.

Through Wäxa, you will learn to trust your own body. You will get the opportunity to explore patterns of motion (in dance and otherwise), to learn techniques for breathing and visualization and the art of relaxation. So this is a way of becoming conscious of your own body, even to re-conquer it, to learn to see it from a broader perspective, and thus to increase your ability to master your life, and to break repetitive and negative patterns.

Wäxa is about body and consciousness – how to increase the consciousness of the body, and how to use this consciousness. We can train ourselves to become aware of the signals that our bodies transmit – to others, as well as to ourselves. You can change a lot of things in your life by becoming conscious of you patterns of movement and by becoming more aware of how sound, colour and light affects us.

Breathing is the key to life and also to our movements. Our journey begins and ends with a breath. So each class will start with breathing in focus. This is of the utmost importance for the general well being of our bodies. More specifically, it enhances the lymphatic flow and helps us release excessive bodily control, to make the body relax. So, through breathing techniques we will become more aware of our body and its various parts and functions. and learn how to consequently put it into motion.

“Put your vision into action, follow your dreams, and transport yourself to a different place!”

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